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Science Fiction Archive 
Some of these columns first appeared, in edited form, on TVBarn.

06/29/05, The Employment Movies

08/20/03, The Unemployment Movies

04/22/03, When Revisiting Childhood Classics Becomes a Letdown
04/22/03, Multiple Universes, Part II (or, ad infinitum)

11/22/01, Multiple Universes in Science Fiction--but not Science Fact: Easy story idea or real science?

8/07/01, Planet of the -- Oh, Whatever: Tim Burton releases a big-budget ape-vs-man remake that lacks heart and soul and mind

3/25/01, Sci Fi Resurrects "Babylon 5" with Telefilm: It's a pilot for a new B5 series
3/15/01 (p.m.), Sci Fi's Barry Diller Positions Himself as Nonconformist in a Suit: Diller gives Internet World attendees his predictions on the future
3/15/01 (a.m.), From the Birth of Bart Simpson to the Death of Crow T. Robot: Sci Fi Channel's Barry Diller struggles to reach the top

1/7/01, Looking for the Good Stuff: The genre of ideas goes AWOL 

10/31/00, More "X-Files," less Duchovny: Chris Carter on season eight 
10/24/00, Sci Fi tries again with new "Blair Witch": more pretend reality 
10/10/00, "Voyager" launches to good numbers: good ratings for season premiere 
10/3/00, Sci Fi Channel heads back to "The Outer Limits": Sci Fi resurrects TV show  

9/19/00, The nominees are...: SF/horror targets for Congress 
9/12/00, Writing yourself out of a corner: "Space 1999" writers discuss TV scripting; plus, "Babylon 5" widescreen 
9/5/00, Catherine Schell returns to "Space," kind of: actress' comments at "1999" convention 

8/29/00, Switching leads at "The X-Files": plans for the eighth season 
8/22/00, "Godzilla" in unfamiliar territory: the cinema: "Godzilla 2000" makes its theatrical U.S. debut
8/15/00, "Voyager": We'll do better this time: "Trek's" hopes for seventh season
8/10/00, Sci-Fi on the street: report from Sci Fi Channel's Exposure Festival in Manhattan 

12/7/99, The Long-Range Forecast: Real ideas. In science fiction!

07/27/99, The Long Voyage of the Star Wolf: Interview with author David Gerrold

06/15/99, When 14-year-olds Saved the World: Gundam and more

4/9/99, "MST3K" on the Brink: Reviewing the last, last, Mystery Science Theater 3000